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Elite Protégé + Lead Counselor are the highest form of scholarships we offer at nex•us + camp•nex. 

Twelve lucky dancers are chosen for the Elite Proégé Program and an additional ten dancers as Lead Counselors.  

We provide the most intensive and extensive mentorship program in the dance community for these individuals who travel the country on tour as assistants for our industry leading faculty.

Our Elites and Leads become part of the nex•us + camp•nex family and have the opportunity for the ultimate dance training. They hone their craft as dancers but also to grow into secure, well rounded and transformed professional individuals.

Becoming an Elite Protégé or a Lead Counselor is an honor and a once in a lifetime experience. These dancers may go on as professionals in the industry, as many of our our past Elites and Leads dance and work on today’s hit TV shows, movie sets, and hottest recording artists’ tours.

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